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Upcoming Swim Registration




Swimming Lesson registration will take place starting at 9am on APRIL 2ND.


Again we will be doing a phone registration, and we will be using the same

online scheduler. It is important to remind you that if the program shows that

it is loading for your spot and it does not change, someone else has beaten

you to that time slot, and you must choose another one. Try refreshing the

page first. Also if you have more than one child to register you only need to

pick one time slot. If you have any trouble Emily will be in the office at that

time to assist you.


Call in times will go as scheduled.

If you do not receive a time slot: you may call after 2pm on the 2nd when it

will be first come first served. 

If you do receive a time slot: and you do not call at your scheduled

appointment time, you must call at 2pm and be served with those who did not

receive a time slot.


The online scheduler will be released at 12pm on Thursday March 29th .


For those of you who do not have Facebook and cannot access the “NWF

Swimming Lessons” Participants group can send an email to

ehurley@newworldfitness.com and she will email you the online appointment

scheduler when it is released to the group.


This session of lessons will run April 16th- June 24th (10 weeks)


If you are interested in registering, ask to be added to this Facebook Group: