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Upcoming Swim Registration


The online scheduler will be released at 12pm Thursday February 7th.


You must use this to get a time slot to call to register.


Registration (call day) will be Tuesday February 12th.


Day to pick call in time slot: Thursday February 7th @ 12:00pm


Registration day: Tuesday February 12th  


Details: At 12pm on the 7th, the online scheduler will be released. The link will be posted in the

Facebook group, NWF Swimming Lessons. If you are not in it, just request to join and you will be

accepted. If you cannot access the group, notify Haley beforehand via email and you will be emailed

the link at 12:00pm. It is competitive so it is best to get on as soon as possible, put in your name and

pick a slot. If it buffers and fails to load, someone has already taken that spot. Refresh the page and

try again. If you do not get one, you will still be able to register later on.


On Tuesday February 12th, call in at your time and register for the set. Please be timely. If you do

not have a time slot or you miss your call in time, you can call in anytime after 3pm on Tuesday

February 12th. This will run on a first come first serve basis.


*Please try to pay over the phone during registration. We want to steer away from paying at the

front desk as sometimes it is weeks before payment is made, which makes it hard to keep track!*