The first and most important step for making lifestyle changes is training the mind.


Changing your mind involves changing your self-awareness, attitude, self-esteem, focus and capacity to set goals. So when you begin a physical activity and nutrition and wellness program with a fit mind it ensures success.   Part of our mandate at NWF is to educate, empower and inspire individuals to develop and maintain lifestyle habits that lead to good health and a high quality of life.  Whether your goal is to have a lean, fit body, run a marathon, excel in your career or run your own business, you need to have the energy, vitality and focus to be at your best in all areas of your life


Certified Nutrition & Wellness Programs -What to expect during your first session??


You will be consulting with a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. The first consultation is typically 45 minutes to an hour in duration and involves a close look at the client’s health history, physical activity history, weight, % body fat, hydration levels, bone mass and muscle mass.   Our evaluation is designed to deliver a detailed assessment of your physical activity, nutritional balance, and “holistic” wellness, after which your client profile will be developed, identifying specific areas for improvement.  Additional visits are required to complete both programs.


See our Mindful Eating & Take Charge Programs for details

Just Interested in where you stand?  We also offer

Body Compostion Analysis......please call for details and to book a time!