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Meet Our Personal Trainers







Jennifer Duggan


 Who’s up for the challenge?

Jennifer knows first hand the positive results you can attain by working with a Personal trainer.  So much so that she was inspired to obtain the knowledge and education needed to help others reach their fitness goals.  "All you need is a little hard work and dedication."  


Jennifer is a Can Fit Pro certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist with a Diploma in Health Wellness & Recreation


Zumba, Group Power, Group Ride, Joint Action, Aquafit, Aqua Zumba are a few of her favourite classes here at New World. She also promotes a  fun and effective approach to one on one or small  group work-outs such as Core and Bootcamp. 


Whether you are new to the club, struggling to reach your goals or just truly love exercise, she will help you stay motivated and on track to ensure that you get the maximum results needed to help you reach your fitness potential.







Kelly Ryan


Who wants to get fit and have fun doing it?  Well, Kelly is here to help you accomplish your goals! She's been a Fitness Instructor at New World Fitness since Feb. 1997 and Personal Trainer since Sept. 2005.  Having a keen interest in health and fitness and a great appreciation of how they impact one's life, fitness is not just her job, but a part of her lifestyle. Her love of everything outdoors has taught her the importance of proper athletic conditioning.   “The better your level of fitness, the more you are going to enjoy it and the easier it will be.”

She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Memorial University in 1995.  In April 1996 she was first certified as Basic Fitness Leader and haven't stopped moving since! She's certified, and currently teaches classes in the wildly popular Body Training System (BTS) programs, such a Group Power and Group Ride.   She also gets your booty moving in Zumba, a Latin inspired fitness dance class.


She spends most of her time helping clients reach their fitness goals and uses a balanced approach to cardiovascular activity, strength and flexibility training, nutritional advice and planning.  She is certified in Stott Pilates, the leader in the Pilates industry. Now, she helps people connect body and mind through Pilates, either in a group setting or one-on-one.


Fitness is her number one priorty - let her help you make it yours!