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Reap the rewards of a Certified Personal Trainer.  At New World Fitness your health and wellness is our main priority.   We are committed to upholding the highest standards in fitness certifications.


Personal Training is the science of teaching a client how to use their body corectly and efficiently in every action they perform.  This includes resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility training.  Personal Traning is frequently used for weight loss, rehabilitation, improving overall health and fitness levels.  It is also frequently used for improving sport performance.


A good personal trainer can put the “personal” back into your workout. Not only will they devise exercises that are best suited to you and your fitness goals, you can plan your sessions for a time that is most convenient for you. You can choose to work in a group seeting or one-on-one. Crucial for making progress, they will motivate you to reach your goals, make sure that you are performing the exercises in impeccable form, and modify your program when you reach new levels. Additionally, we make a point of keeping current in the latest fitness trends and research, so you can be assured that your fitness routine will never be outdated.  In the long run, you’ll get more bang for your buck! 


We have Personal Training Packages to suit YOUR lifestyle and budget.


We can provide you with:


Individualized fitness program

Coaching in proper technique

Cardiovascular, Strength, Flexibility and Sport Specific Conditioning

Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching

Motivation to reach your goals


Aquatic Therapy


We offer member and non-member packages




Have you been affected by a personal injury?

With years of experience in dealing with Wellness clients and Insurance companies, we are qualified to assist you in handling your claim.